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Pastoral Leadership

The BA in Biblical Studies and Pastoral Leadership is a program for those who feel called to be vocational or bi-vocational pastors and leaders in ministry. Students have the opportunity to live out what they learn in the classroom as they enter into practicums that equip them for church leadership.

As students study the Bible, theology and practice servant-hearted leadership, they develop a solid foundation for a life in ministry. Graduates from this program have gone on to work as pastors in various capacities, such as, senior leadership, children & youth ministries and in parachurch organizations. Others have continued with graduate studies or have pursued missions work around the world. 

"Stepping into PLBC was exactly what I needed."

When I felt the call to pastoral ministry, although potent, it was foggy and unclear. Stepping into PLBC was exactly what I needed. It grounded that calling, reinforced it with theological understanding and provided practical insight for leadership in ministry. The school created an atmosphere for me to test and confirm what God placed in my heart years before. I finished my time at PLBC with the fog lifted, a greater conviction to the pastoral call and a full set of tools to get the job done.

Victor Maynard

The Specifics.


This program is designed for those who are preparing specifically for pastoral ministry. The core requirements provide a broad foundation of personal and pastoral leadership development in pastoral care, evangelism, and public ministry.

Program Length
  • 129 credit hours
  • 4 years full-time
Program Director

Dean Davey, MA, PhD


In addition to meeting the learning goals and objectives required for all degree programs, the Biblical Studies and Pastoral Leadership Major will enable graduates to:

  1. PHILOSOPHY OF MINISTRY - Articulate a biblical and personal philosophy of ministry.
  2. LEAD WITH INTEGRITY - Lead others as they serve with integrity of character.
  3. SERVE WITH CONFIDENCE - Serve with confidence knowing their unique blend of personality, giftedness, and passion.
  4. MENTORING FROM A PASTOR - Experience a mentoring relationship with a pastor of a local church during intensive ministry involvement.
  5. PASTORAL MINISTRY COMPETENCIES - Exercise competencies in pastoral ministry, including preaching, leading, and counseling.
  6. COMMUNICATION SKILLS - Develop speaking gifts and skills to communicate biblical truth with accuracy and relevancy in private and public environments.
  7. TEAM LEADERSHIP - Build team leadership as a core value in local churches.
Major Requirements

In addition to completing the 66 credit core, Biblical Studies and Pastoral Leadership Majors also take the following:


Theological Method
4 Bible and Theology Electives


Theory and Practice

Spiritual Formation II
Pastoral Ministry
Homiletics I
Church Leadership and Administration
Pastoral Counselling
Leadership Development
Marriage and Family
Church Growth Strategies


Pastoral Ministry Practicum 1-6


5 Open Electives


Senior Seminar

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