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Life Launch

This one-year program directs students towards their God-given calling and purpose – whether they continue biblical studies, go on to university or start a business, this program is designed for students to build a foundation centered on Christ and His mission before they set out onto their respective paths. After eight months of on-campus studies, students finish the program with a month-long foreign missions trip that is bound to broaden their knowledge about what God is doing around world.

"I see its impact year after year."

The missions trip at the end of Life Launch blew the doors off my view of the world and changed me deeply. My time at PLBC is one of the most influential and formative chapters of my life and I continue to see its impact year after year.

Derrick Sanderson

The Specifics.


This program can help you prepare to build your life on a solid biblical foundation. LifeLaunch is especially recommended if you plan to go on to university or if you are looking for other career preparation. What you learn in this year will also help you to help others, both in the church and in the marketplace. This certificate program comprises the first year of studies of the four-year Bachelor of Arts program, and students in this program have the opportunity to participate in an optional short-term foreign mission trip.

Program Length
  • 32 credits
  • 1 year full-time

In addition to meeting the core learning objectives required for all programs, the LifeLaunch program will enable graduates to:

  1. Gain foundational knowledge of the major eras, themes, and persons of the Old and New Testaments with a focus on the writings of the New Testament.
  2. Show basic knowledge of the commonly held beliefs of Christianity.
  3. Demonstrate an ability to articulate and share their faith.
Certificate Requirements


Personal Resource Management
Christian Mind
1 General Studies Elective


Old Testament Survey
New Testament Survey
Bible Interpretation
Survey of Christian Beliefs
1 Bible and Theology Elective


Spiritual Formation I
Life and Ministry in the Holy Spirit


Practicum Elective
Short Term Missions Trip
Tour Team

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