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Church Ministries

The Bachelor of Arts in Church Ministries program provides students with flexibility so they can customize their studies. With less required classes, students have the freedom to personalize their degree based on their specific calling.

Whether you want to go right into ministry, further your education at a graduate level or develop a strong foundation for Christ-centered living, this program will help prepare you for your future in following the path that God has planned for you.

"God has used PLBC to realign my life"

God has used PLBC to call me back to Him and to realign my life so that it is true to His Word. Also, the community here has been such a huge encouragement and joy to be a part of!

Erin Dass

The Specifics.


This program is designed to prepare students for their specific ministry interest and gifts. This program is the most flexible in that it makes room for the most electives when compared to PLBC’s other degree programs.

Program Length
  • 129 credit hours
  • 4 years full-time
Program Director

Ken Deeks, PhD


In addition to meeting the learning goals and objectives required for all degree programs, the Church Ministries Major will enable graduates to:

  1. Foster deeper relationships with God, self, and others, out of which to minister effectively in a chosen field of ministry.
  2. Integrate sound biblical and theological perspectives into ministry work.
  3. Deploy leadership skills and growth strategies appropriate to various ministry contexts.
  4. Articulate a biblically compatible and culturally relevant philosophy of   ministry.
  5. Demonstrate proficiency in one or two ministry specializations.
Major Requirements

In addition to completing the 72 credit core, Church Ministries Majors also take the following:


5 Bible or Theology electives


Spiritual Formation II
Church Leadership and Administration
Leadership Development


Complete one of the following specialization bundles plus a second specialization OR any 12 credits from a variety of specializations:

Biblical Languages

Greek I
Hebrew I
Greek II
Hebrew II


Introduction to Christian Apologetics
Apologetics Internship

Three of the following:

Advanced Christian Apologetics
Analysis of Worldviews
Worldview Evangelism
Applied Christian Ethics
Contemporary Culture and the Dilemma of Meaning

Christian Education

Christian Education
Christian Education Internship

Three of the following:
Philosophy of Youth Ministry
Children's Ministry
Principles of Teaching Adults


Pastoral Counselling
Counselling and Pastoral Care Internship

Three of the following:

Youth Crisis and Intervention
Adolescent Development and Family Systems
Introduction to Psychology
Marriage and Family


Advanced Hermeneutical Concepts
Theological Method
Biblical Studies Internship

One of the following:

Advanced Exegesis Seminar
Advanced Theology Seminar

Intercultural Studies

Introduction to Global Missions
Theology of Missions
Intercultural Studies Internship

Two of the following:

Analysis of Worldviews
Worldview Evangelism
Applied Christian Ethics

Music Ministry

Music Theory I
Music Theory II
Sight Singing and Ear Training I
Sight Singing and Ear Training II
Live Sound Music Fundamentals I
Art of Performance

Two of vocal or instrumental ensembles: 

Vocal Ensemble I AND Vocal Ensemble II
or Instrumental Ensemble I AND Instrumental Ensemble II

Pastoral Ministry

Pastoral Ministry
Pastoral Ministry Internship

Three of the following:

Acts of the Apostles
Pastoral Epistles
Youth Culture
Homiletics I
Homiletics II
Church Growth Strategies
Youth Ministry
Philosophy of Youth Ministry
Youth Ministry Internship

Nine credits of the following:

Legal Tips for Youth Workers
Youth Culture
Youth Ministry Leadership
Speaking to Adolescents
Youth Crisis and Intervention
Adolescent Development and Family Systems


Senior Seminar

6 credit hours OPEN ELECTIVES

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