Local Churches

While studying at PLBC, it is required that all students find a local church where they can serve and grow. Luckily there are A LOT of fantastic churches in the Surrey area.

NAME: Horizon Foursquare Church
SIZE: 300
STUDENTS: Grace Ngara, Caleb Jordan, Placido Fernandes

NAME: Northside Foursquare
SIZE: 500
DISTANCE: 30 minute drive
STUDENTS: Andrew Lukianiuk

NAME: Riverside Foursquare Church
SIZE: 400
DISTANCE: 30 minutes drive

NAME: Sunshine Hills Foursquare Church
SIZE: 230
DISTANCE: 20 minute drive
STUDENTS: Danny Hunt

NAME: In-House Christian Fellowship
SIZE: 135
DISTANCE: 10 minute drive

NAME: Open Door Foursquare Church
SIZE: 40
DISTANCE: 10 minute drive

NAME: Kingsway Foursquare Church
SIZE: 210
DISTANCE: 45 Minute drive
STUDENTS: Natalia Brodeur

Vancouver Foursquare Church (Street Ministry)
SIZE: 50+
DISTANCE: 45 Minutes

NAME: Parkside Church
SIZE: 175
DISTANCE: 50 minute drive
STUDENTS: Chris Kim, Jesse Tulman

Northridge Foursquare
Size: 175

Christ Church of Glory (Chinese)
SIZE: 40
DISTANCE: 15 minutes drive

Korean Foursquare
Size: 80
Distance: 45 minute drive

NAME: Village Church
SIZE: 3500
DISTANCE: 25 minute walk
STUDENTS: Matt Gulenchyn, Nathan Harrison

NAME: Centre Church
SIZE: 200
DISTANCE: 10 minute drive
STUDENTS: Chris Knight, Lee Switzer, Sam Balenzano

NAME: All Saints Community Church
SIZE: 60
DISTANCE: 20 minute drive

NAME: People’s Church
SIZE: 200
DISTANCE: 10 minute drive
STUDENTS: Ashton Curtis, Norm Alport, Louis Fraser

NAME: Jesus Rock of Ages Ministry (Surrey)
SIZE: 220
STUDENTS: Joey Laxamana, Joshuel Bisa

NAME: Parkland church
SIZE: 100
DISTANCE: 15 minute drive
STUDENTS: Craig Murphy

NAME: Coquitlam Alliance Church
SIZE: 1500
DISTANCE 25 minute drive
STUDENTS: Jacob Hogge, Ben Waardenburg

NAME: Relate Church
SIZE: 1000
DISTANCE: 10 minute walk
STUDENTS: Sharon Pound

NAME: The Summit Church
SIZE: 11
DISTANCE: 15 Minutes
STUDENTS: AJ Ballesteros

SIZE: 3000
DISTANCE: 30 minute drive
STUDENTS: Ray Knoler

NAME: Awake Vancouver
SIZE: 20+
DISTANCE: 40 minute drive
STUDENTS: TJ Haslett, Ryan Chatterton, Marlon Brown

NAME: Cariboo Road Christian Fellowship
SIZE: 500
STUDENTS: Jonas Custodio

NAME: Fraser Valley Alliance Church
SIZE: 100
STUDENTS: Jenny Gomez, Josh Carsola, Provi Carsola

NAME: Willingdon Church
SIZE: 4000
DISTANCE: 35 minute drive
STUDENTS: Josh Li, Jessica Li, Nathaniel Wong

NAME: Maple Ridge Alliance Church
SIZE: 500
DISTANCE: 30 minute drive
STUDENTS: Meagan Dendys

NAME: Burnett Fellowship Baptist
SIZE 250
DISTANCE: 30 minute drive
STUDENTS: Nina Robinson

NAME: Calvary Christian Church
SIZE: 1000
DISTANCE: 20 minute drive
STUDENTS: Brad Funnell

NAME: Cloverdale Christian Fellowship
SIZE: 50
DISTANCE: 10 minute drive
STUDENTS: Emily Adamson

NAME: Cedar Grove Baptist Church
SIZE: 50
DISTANCE: 15 minute drive
STUDENTS: Joshua Ologani

NAME: Ladner Baptist Church
SIZE: 300
DISTANCE: 30 minute drive
STUDENTS: Steven Twamley, Andrew Tourigny

NAME: Maple Ridge Baptist Church
SIZE: 700
DISTANCE: 30 minute drive
STUDENTS: Kasey Collum

NAME: Crave Church
SIZE: 100
STUDENTS: Tina Truong, Nathan Choi

NAME: Community of Hope
SIZE: 150
STUDENTS: Bailey Gorin

NAME: Eagle Ridge Bible Fellowship
SIZE: 200
STUDENTS: Perry Pantelis

NAME: City Life Church
SIZE: 800
DISTANCE: 1 hour drive
STUDENTS: Barrie Thiessen

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