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In a society where reason and logic are of high importance, and definite truth seems to be understood as an ancient myth, it’s important that Christians have the spiritual and practical tools they need to effectively communicate the Gospel. Our BA in Biblical Studies and Apologetics Major is designed for students who are preparing to proclaim and defend the Christian faith as an extension of the local and global church.

Students in this program take Bible and theology courses, as well as program-specific classes such as, Intro to Apologetics, Worldview in Conflict, World Religions and Issues and Ethics. This program propels students to develop a deep understanding of Christian doctrine and theology, while gaining knowledge of other religions and schools of thought.

“The Apologetics program will not only help you to understand the major challenges and objections to the Christian faith, but will also give you strategies to engage with the questions that society is asking.” – Andy Stieger, Director of Apologetics Canada

"The greatest investment!"

Studying apologetics at PLBC has been one of the greatest investments I’ve made in my life. My time at PLBC has caused me to grow in ways I could never have imagined.

Denver Hutchinson

The Specifics.


This program is designed for those who are preparing specifically for proclaiming and defending the   Christian faith in the public sphere as an extension of the local and global church. The core requirements provide a broad foundation of personal and pastoral leadership development in understanding and engaging with the Christian worldview in the context of competing truth claims

Program Length
  • 130 credit hours
  • 4 years full-time
Program Director

Kerry Pretty, MA


In addition to completing the 66 credit core, Biblical Studies and Apologetics Majors also take the  following:

  1. Understand the Christian faith, its worldview, truth claims and the reasons for  them.
  2. Demonstrate the plausibility and strength of the Christian worldview and its positive impacts on all areas of life and society.
  3. Understand the major challenges, objections, and alternatives to the Christian faith and have strategies to effectively engage the questions that society is asking.
  4. Develop critical thinking skills including the ability to listen, read, and interact carefully and  accurately, ability to discern fallacies of thought, ability to recognize presuppositions and their effects, and abilities to discern, evaluate and justify the best options based on the strength of arguments and evidence.
  5. Understand and have skill in the major approaches to apologetics (e.g. presupposationalist and evidentialist).
  6. Understand the process of apologetics developing on the foundation of Biblical/Theological truth and applying these truths to a variety of issues.
  7. Understand the role of the Holy Spirit in effective witness, apologetics and evangelism and not rely on apologetic argument more than is warranted.
  8. Treasure Biblical revelation as the primary functional authority for all truth, even when highlighting other evidences for the sake of those who do not share this  conviction.
  9. Develop a gracious and humble Christian character that is demonstrated by speaking the truth in love and caring to win people more than to win arguments.
  10. Develop communication skills to connect with and influence people in one on one, group, public media, and debate settings.
  11. Apply apologetics as a means of evangelism, leading people toward and to genuine faith in  Christ.
  12. Connect the Christian worldview and apologetic skill with a vibrant Christian faith, demonstrated by a vibrant Christian lifestyle.
Major Requirements

In addition to meeting the learning goals and objectives required for all degree programs, the Biblical Studies and Counselling Major will enable graduates to:


Theological Method
5 Bible and Theology Electives


Spiritual Formation II
Homiletics I

Two of the following:

Pastoral Ministry
Church Leadership and Administration
Homiletics II
Pastoral Counselling
Leadership Development
Marriage and Family
Church Growth Strategies



Introduction to Christian Apologetics
Advanced Christian Apologetics
Apologetics Seminar I
Apologetics Seminar II
Apologetics Seminar III

Three of the following

Analysis of Worldviews
Worldview Evangelism
Applied Christian Ethics
Contemporary Culture and the Dilemma of Meaning


Apologetics Practicum I
Apologetics Practicum II
Apologetics Practicum III
Apologetics Practicum IV


Apologetics Project


3 Open Electives

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