October 6, 2016

After a two-year review process PLBC is launching a refreshed curriculum starting Fall 2017. The biggest change is that all degree students will now complete a common core of 72 credits. The core curriculum is a set of interdisciplinary courses that every student takes. It is the foundation for all other courses, complementing  majors and ultimately preparing students for their vocation and calling. The core will help students engage the living God and discover the nature and significance of a Christian worldview. It will guide students to explore arts and sciences through a biblical lens, helping them examine the human condition and see how we as God’s creation can reflect God’s image. Finally, the core will help students probe the depths of a biblical worldview and integrate learning with practice. In addition to a new core, we have adjusted internship and service learning requirements, added a few new courses, and amended pre-requisites. Students currently enrolled are not affected by these changes.