A Note From Our President!

September 7, 2017

Dear students,

Welcome to Pacific Life Bible College. I am so glad you are here! And because I believe the Holy Spirit works within our lives and within our particular community of faith, I believe you are at PLBC for a reason beyond the fact that you have chosen to come.
At the same time, I have lived long enough and been a teacher of students long enough to know these reasons are not always apparent to us. Reasons don’t always make themselves easily known to us without effort, without contemplation, and without guidance from our spiritual elders. Discovering the deep work God is doing is us requires that we give God time: time to think, time to converse with others (friends, teachers, pastors, and those completely different than us), time to worship, time to ponder, time to practice, and time to pray.
Within a few short weeks your time will become a precious commodity. Between school, work, church-involvement, and all your other activities you will find it incredibly hard to find time to do some of the important things—the things necessary if you are going to discover the deep work the Spirit is doing in you.
Before your semester gets busy, let’s say before our September retreat, can you set aside an hour or two and slowly and prayerfully read the following letter. It is a letter written by a professor to Christian students entering university. (And yes, it is a little long, but as you well know, we professors tend to be long-winded). It is geared towards those who are going to secular university, but it applies to our setting as well. Take time to read, to ponder, and then let’s talk about it. During retreat, come find me, or gather together as a group of friends and let us find wisdom together.
To come to school is to be given a gift: space to study, to think, to practice spiritual disciplines, and to set a fruitful course for your life. You may never have this gift of time again in your life and so I ask you to use this gift of time and space wisely. Let us ponder together the myriad of reasons why God has brought us together as this particular community of faith at this particular time.
Grace and peace,