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When Things Don’t Go Your Way

I had one of those mornings today. My first bus was late, so I decided to take a different bus that came around the same time and which would drop me off at one of my favourite coffee shops. From there, I should have had a mere 10 minute wait for the bus that would… Read More →


Life is Like a Tiny Library

Within the space of a week the college community has said farewell to two alumni who are moving eastward. This week we also learned of another deeply involved student who will return to her Ontario home. With homage to Gordon Lightfoot[1], as small colleges go Pacific Life is bigger than most. Normally, the bigger a… Read More →


Planning to Learn through Book Learnin’

When you read books, you learn. Usually. Last night I read a chapter on the Caroline Divines in Bishop JRH Moorman’s A History of the Church in England. I noticed myself drinking in the information, firing on all pistons as I read and learned about these churchmen of the 17th century. Then I laid the… Read More →



What to write in an inaugural theological library blog? One might muse about books and theologians, or the role of libraries supporting theological education – which is, after all, the theological library’s reason for existing. Any of that would be appropriate, but I want to get more primeval here. In the beginning, God laid hold on the elements… Read More →