Our Team

Meet our staff! They’re awesome.

Gerald Nussbaum

(Interim) President

Ken Deeks

VP of Academics

Dean Davey

VP of Student Development

Sam Romijn

Director of Enrolment & Marketing

Eliza Biason

Enrolment Counsellor

Denver Hutchinson

Enrolment Assistant

Kerry Pretty

Registrar & Director of Apologetics

Kyung Baek

Director of Biblical Studies

Mark Tubbs

Librarian & Director of General Studies

Les Warriner

Director of Distance Education

Ivone Juell

Director of Counselling Program

Brandon Diggins

Academic Assistant

Sue Nussbaum

Director of Student Housing & Dean of Women

Joryli Romijn

Student Life & Events

Jack Lam

Financial Services

Linda Warriner

Financial Services

Jan Martinez

Food Services Manager

Jo Ann Muyco

Clements Coffee Co. (Barista)

Linda Coult


Lincoln Tatem

Director of Music Ministry