Our Team

Meet our team! They’re awesome.

Derek Geerlof


Gerald Nussbaum

VP of Finance & Operations

Ken Deeks

VP of Academics

Dean Davey

VP of Student Development

Sam Romijn

Director of Enrolment & Marketing

Eliza Biason

Enrolment Counsellor

Denver Hutchinson

Student Services

Kerry Pretty

Registrar & Director of Apologetics

Kyung Baek

Director of Biblical Studies

Mark Tubbs

Librarian & Director of General Studies

Les Warriner

Director of Distance Education

Ivone Juell

Director of Counselling Program

Lincoln Tatem

Director of Music Ministry

Brandon Diggens

Assistant to the VP of Academics

Sue Nussbaum

Dean of Women & Director of Campus Housing

Joryli Romijn

Student Life & Events

Linda Warriner

Financial Services

Endang Prabawati

Financial Aid Officer

Marina Peckinpaugh

Food Services Manager

Jo Ann Muyco

Clements Coffee Co. (Barista)

Mikhaila Abdou

Assistant to the President & Reception

Derrick Sanderson

Life Launch & Youth Ministry Program Coordinator