Dave Jonsson: People over Pixels (Part 2)

October 25, 2017
ppl over pixels

Part two continues the conversation around people over pixels as Sam and Dave look at the positives and negatives of millennial culture and how that can affect the church. We also delve into the impact of social media and some tips to help individuals navigate through a device obsessed world.

(1:11) What are the good characteristics of millennials? Despite the unflattering portrayal painted about the generation in mainstream media, Jonsson believes that this generation has more positive attributes than negative ones. Millennials are often told that they are lazy; however, the opposite is true as millennials pursue the life they want to live and not just one they are told to live as previous generations have. On the other hand, millennials are a distracted generation, which is most likely tied to their reliance on technology. This generation has seen many walk away from the faith. Jonsson correlates the departure to the diminishing cultural influence the church has on society and the millennial inclination towards intellectual skepticism. All things considered, Jonsson is optimistic about the future of the church. He sees the church coming together in more unity and in more boldness.

(11:20) Social media is a big part of our culture and though we need not demonize it, we still ought to find out how to navigate through it. Jonsson says we must first ask why – why do we grab our phones the moment we are alone and what is the deeper need we are trying to fill? Once we can answer that, we should work towards being masters of intentionality and practice being present in the moment. (14:48) Some practical ways to succeed in changing our bad habits is simply to leave devices at home or to turn it off when you are with people. Sam suggests using your Sabbath day as a break from all technology. Social media and technology are not the enemy, but tools that can help us to further our connection with people and the outside world.

“Host: Samuel Romijn
Guest: Dave Jonsson
Instagram: icelanddave
Intro Music: Enthusiast – Tours (link)
Show notes: Eliza Biason
Producer: Jo Ann Muyco

“How’s Your Soul” by Judah Smith
“Courageous Leadership” by Bill Hybels
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