Dave Jonsson: People over Pixels (Part 1)

October 11, 2017
REAL - Dave

Dave Jonsson is a PLBC alumni and the pastor of Ethos, a young adults service that runs every Sunday evening. He is married to Marisa and together they are raising 3 children. Jonsson has been skateboarding for 17 years which he uses as a major creative outlet.

(6:14) People over pixels is the topic at hand in this episode and it is an issue that has widely been connected to the generation of millennials. Jonsson speaks on the pixelization of a generation and questions what it means to be human at this point in time. There has been a rapid change in humanity that can be pinpointed to the year 2007. In addition to the release of the Iphone, 2007 is the year that data storage became both cheap and profitable. This milestone year represents a shift in the way humanity interacts with technology.

(10:40) Are we saving time and what is the cost we pay for technology? Jonsson counts the cost as he points out that while social media is “free” we are paying a high price for being constantly plugged in despite some advantages in efficiency. Jonsson breaks down the stats in the hours, days and even years in which we spend our time in front of a screen. We can see that the cost adds up. Jonsson talks about the time when when Moses prays to God to “teach [us] to number our days” and reminds us that time and time consumption should be on the forefront on the Christian mind.

(23:30) On the subject of social media, Jonsson cautions our use and perceptions of it. We are in danger of painting a picture of ourselves that isn’t wholly true in order to seek validation in others. It is the type of hypocrisy of which Jesus criticized the religious leaders of his day. The danger of social media extends to its ability to shallow our interactions with one another as we lose our curiosity and our capacity to be vulnerable. As a Christians, we must remain intentional and thoughtful with the people in our lives to build that kind of relationships God created us to have.

Host: Samuel Romijn
Guest: Dave Jonsson
Intro Music: Enthusiast – Tours (link)
Show notes: Eliza Biason
Producer: Jo Ann Muyco

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