Stephanie Gray: Abortion and Human Rights

September 13, 2017

Stephanie Gray was exposed to the issue of abortion early on in life. Born in Vancouver, raised in Chilliwack, in her early memories she recounts being brought along to the local pregnancy care centre where her mother was a frequent volunteer. She credits both her parents for building the foundation which would ultimately impel her into a full-time career in pro-life advocacy. For 12 years, Gray founded and operated her own non-profit, pro-life organization. Now she mainly travels throughout North America and internationally to speak about pro-life issues.

Why is the pro-life conversation important? Gray dives straight into the heart of the matter. There are several questions that come with such a sensitive and complicated topic. For example, can babies be considered a human person? (4:20). Gray delves into the biological and philosophical ramifications of how we identify the unborn child. Is there a difference between how we classify and treat a fetus and a baby? From a biblical standpoint, the illustration of the good Samaritan helps us to understand the stance we take as believers and as people called to love God and our neighbours. There are many different reasons why a woman may feel that abortion is the only option for her (11:20) and the matter of women’s rights, medical danger and cases of rape are addressed by Gray but in all things, she reaffirms that we must approach people with compassion and empathy.

Even when we are firm in our beliefs, how do we practically apply those in everyday life? What can we do to help the cause? (18:50) Gray says that when someone is in a vulnerable position we must respond to their need. Loving the pre-born child includes loving the mother. Gray expands on the 3 main areas a person may be able to help: the pastoral arm, the political arm and the prophetic arm. There are also many resources that anyone may look into if they would like more knowledge about abortion and pro-life issues. Gray herself has a book called “Love Unleashes Life” that can help a person navigate the conversation on abortion and pro-life advocacy.

HOST: Sam Romijn
GUEST: Stephanie Gray