Derek Geerlof: Meet the President!

August 29, 2017

Newly inaugurated PLBC President, Derek Geerlof, takes the spotlight in our first episode of the season. Though born and raised in Calgary, Derek is no stranger to these parts as he has spent much of his academic and pastoral career in the Vancouver area and has even taught at PLBC for several years. He also studied in California at PLBC’s sister school, Life College where he would meet his wife Colleen. The couple have three amazing kids who are all nearly grown up and ready to begin their own adult lives.

Certain life situations pulled Derek and his family back to Alberta in 2009 which would propel him towards an unexpected path. Having previously worked as the RCMP chaplain, Derek began to do work with the Alberta police, serving in a few different roles such as a constable, a taser trainer and a detective in organized crime. Though seemingly contrastive from his pastoral work in Vancouver, his time with the police has opened his eyes to the darker parts of the world which has only reignited his conviction to be a light for Jesus.  After nearly a decade away, he comes back with a stronger passion for education and ministry.

Despite Derek’s impressive and varied background, he isn’t all about business. A lover of music and admittedly a terrible singer, Derek recounts an embarrassing personal experience where he is requested to sing at funeral. While singing may not be one of his many talents, he does have a couple of secret ones up his sleeve. Offer him an apple pie, and he may be inclined to oblige when asked.

This Fall semester, Derek is teaching Survey of Christian Beliefs and hopes to do more teaching in the future. He is excited to be a part of a college where he believes in the mission of empowering future church and ministry leaders. Please welcome Derek Geerlof if you see him on campus – he’d be more than happy to meet you!

HOST: Sam Romijn
GUEST: Derek Geerlof